India in the concern said that the Afghanistan that is captured by the Taliban must be used for some anti-Indian activities where the terror group has said that they have the right to raise their voice for the Muslims anywhere including Kashmiri. They too mentioned that they do not a policy of raising arms against any country.

The Taliban’s spokesperson, Suhail Shaheen also said that Being Muslim, we have a right to raise our voice for our Muslim Kashmiri and the Muslims of any other country as well. Also, he added, we will raise our voice and say that Muslims are our own people and, our own citizens and must be entitled under the law.

Arindam Bagchi, Minister of External Affairs, said that India only wants to ensure whether Afghanistan’s land is used for any anti-India acts or not. Also that later, Afghanistan does not become the epicentre of Islamic terrorism as previously Al-Queda and ISI tried of establishing a state.

As per the growing conses, India will grow security in the Kashmir region as Pakistan based groups that are established in Pakistan have little opportunity to use it.

Where the Pakistan government, Tehreek-e-Insaf says that the Taliban would be the bridge through which they would be able to liberalize Kashmir from India where the Taliban said that they are with Pakistan in liberalizing Kashmir.



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