Prime Minister and leader of the  ruling Liberal Party Justin Trudeau and Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole will have much at stake when they get a chance to have a go at each other’s policies at an official debate on September 9 evening. Both will use the stage to gain momentum for the final stretch of the campaign.

 The  race remains tight, that debate will be a critical platform for the leaders of the major Federal parties to make an impression upon voters, just 11 days prior to the September 20 polls.

Kurl, who is the president of the non profit public opinion foundation, Angus Reid Institute , will moderate the event, the only English language Leaders’ Debate, with the participation of four senior Canadian journalists.

A pair of official debates will be held next week and the only such event in English, the most crucial of the cycle, will be moderated by Indo Canadian Shachi Kurl.

 An  unofficial French  language debate took place on September 2, the official debate in French will be on  8 September , but will be focused upon the Francophone province of Quebec.

Kurl, who was born in Vancouver in the province of British Columbia, has roots in Uttarakhand. She was lauded for her role as the moderator of the sole debate that preceded the 2020 provincial elections in British Columbia.

 That was factored into the decision by the Debate Broadcast Group  to select her for the high profile assignment next Thursday.

A spokesperson for the DBG said it “was looking for someone with experience in politics, television, and debates, and found an excellent match in Ms Kurl”.

 In an article at that time, the outlet City News 1130 commented, “Online, Kurl is being celebrated as the night’s true winner, managing to ask fair questions of all 3 leaders, all while maintaining order  a stark difference from moderating we  have seen in past weeks just south of the border, where a presidential election campaign is under way”.

The factors in her favour, he noted in an email, included her “leadership role as President of the Angus Reid Institute, working with public opinion data to further public knowledge and enhance the national understanding of issues that matter to Canada and the world; her analysis in both broadcast and print media”.


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