As per its Covid risk task groups, Thailand will start gatherings of approximately 25 people to uprise its economy in Bangkok and other high-risk areas.

Easing restrictions with utmost safety measures was a vital step to come across to help the country with reviving its economy. The country has so far come across the worst outburst of Covid 19 with a 1 out of 10 immunization count.

From September 1, shopping malls, salons, foot massage etc would be reopened in 29 risk associated areas including Bangkok. Therefore, the restaurants could be opened for dinners as per the Covid risk task group.

The authorities have asked all the businesses to keep a daily check on people and only allowing the ones with the vaccinations receipt or the negative test reports.

The business could only come into being after the complete vaccination of the owner and its staff members. Therefore the customers have to come across with the proofs of either negative test report, regularly tested with antigen kit or the vaccination proof.

Thailand has come across 18,702 new cases and approximately 273 deaths on Friday. To which been all over 1.14 million cases and 10,587 deaths since April.

The country is under real struggle with the new delta variant found, where the spread has lead to deaths of the civilians durning August.


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