The suicide prevention group has mentioned that many Australians, approximately a quarter of the population has witnessed someone in their relations or the networks who have lost their lives due to suicide or has been attempted it.

More than 1000 Australian adults have been surveyed out of which 15 per of them have been the witness of someone in their relation or network who has been died due to the Suicidal Attempt in the past year and 11 per cent of them knew someone indirectly. This has been commissioned by the suicidal prevention group of Australia.

The Australians has been under lockdown for almost 18 months which has been a long run, where it has affected their personal lives, employment and business.

Nieves Murray, the CEO of Australian Suicidal Prevention, also mentions that the covid cases could easily get out of the hands and need to have a strong policy to stop cases of suicides.

The national health agency is yet to come up with the declaration whether the covid-19 has been the reason for the death, the bust has said that the national events could influence these numbers, the spike is to come and it has to be taken care of.

AIWH has come across a report which states that the use of the national health service and the psychological distress has been increased. Therefore more of the teens are 31 per cent of them have become victims of self-harm and suicidal attempts and 57 per cent has been the victim of mental health distress and has been hospitalised.

John Brogden, the nation has been gripped by the widespread mental health crises. Also, he said, “I know how it feels like to stay in mental illness during Covid-19.He asks people who are facing mental illness must do exercise are reach out if in a need to seek help.

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