Russia-Ukraine Crisis: A bloody war is going on between Russia and Ukraine for the last four days. Meanwhile, Russia has waged another war against Ukraine. Let us tell you how Russia is fighting this war.

Russia-Ukraine crisis: Russia is also fighting an invisible war in the midst of an all-out attack on Ukraine by land, sea and air. This war, which is not visible in the open, is a war of perception. This is called information war. Russia has launched a series of cyberattacks on Ukrainian government websites, banning Western social media platforms. It is being claimed that Russia is making up stories to justify the attack on the neighboring country. Russia has waged an underground propaganda war against Ukraine.

‘Fourth Generation War or Hybrid War’

Senior IPS officer and cyber security expert Brijesh Singh told that such war is called ‘fourth generation war or hybrid war’. Such wars lead to cyber attacks on critical infrastructure, the spread of propaganda on social media networks, the mobilization of violent groups, and breaches of law. 

What is the purpose of such war?

Brijesh Singh said that the purpose of any establishment in waging a hybrid war is to create and disseminate information that misleads people. Parallel realities are created to justify the current situation and the decisions taken are justified. All these activities are carried out in a very meticulous and fashionable manner. This war has a similar effect in many domains. The use of information warfare or propaganda campaigns completely misleads the population in the target country.

The second reality is prepared apart from reality.

He said that this inevitably creates parallel truths which create differences between different groups. It undermines trust between the government and the people and generally creates a state of helplessness and despair.

Social media platforms are made weapons

Social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Telegram have been flooded with messages, videos and images, many of them making bogus claims, using fake clippings or false facts. This is done to take advantage of the highly polarized environment.

Very sinister motive behind this

Brijesh Singh reveals that in this war, clips are used to damage information, morphing, even completely such content is created. This war has been weaponized by forgery to defame important institutions and individuals.


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