News  agency Associated Press reported  Turkish airlines said ,   A baby girl was born at 30,000 feet on an evacuation flight from Afghanistan which landed in the UK on Saturday.

 Turkish Airlines staff helped 26 year old woman Soman Noori give birth to a girl child. She and her husband were evacuated from Kabul to Dubai and were on a flight to  Birmingham.

Noori and her  baby girl was named Havva, were both in good health  which translates to Eve in English. Soman’s labour pains began shortly after the flight took off on Friday night. The flight landed in Kuwait as a precautionary measure, and the mother and child were deemed healthy enough to fly to the UK.

Several Afghans continue to find their way out of the nation, fearing a regressive regime under the Taliban. Parents were seen in hurling their children over the Hamid Karzai International Airport’s barbed wire fence last week in a bid to evacuate them from Afghanistan fearing the Taliban takeover.

On August 26, another Afghan girl was born on a US military plane to parents who were fleeing Afghanistan. The girl, who was named Reach, was born after her mother went into labour while being flown to an American military base in Germany.

 News agency Bloomberg reported As nations struggle to evacuate citizens out of Kabul in the aftermath of the double bomb blasts near the airport, the Taliban said that it now controls three gates at Kabul’s airport which were earlier with the US forces.

Turkish airl;ines said ,the plane which was carrying afghan citizens who had worked with Britain in Afghanistan landed in Kuwait as a precautions but later continued on to its destination.


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