Protests continue in Moscow and other cities of Russia in protest against Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

 Thousands of protesters took out rallies in many parts of Britain over the weekend against Russia’s attack on Ukraine. People threw eggs at the Russian Embassy in London and wrote slogans calling for an end to the attack on the walls.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an attack on Ukraine. Protests against Russia took place in Downing Street, Manchester and Edinburgh in London on Saturday.

Demonstrations from Moscow to Siberia

Russian activists demonstrated from Moscow to Siberia in protest against Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The Russian government is arresting hundreds of protesters every day. Protesters gathered in the cities and took out processions and raised slogans against the war. Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the Russian Nuclear Deterrent Forces to be on ‘alert’ amid ongoing tensions with Western countries over Ukraine. 

protesters were arrested 

Protests have been taking place in Russia since Thursday against the attack. Taking immediate action on the rallies, the police of the country has arrested the protesters. The protest on Sunday was smaller than on Thursday. According to Ovidy-Info organization, till Sunday afternoon, the police arrested at least 356 people in 32 cities.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s statement

These demonstrations come at a time when Western allies including the US, UK, Canada and the European Union (EU) have announced more stringent sanctions on Russia and its banks have been called the SWIFT Banking Network (SWIFT). SWIFT Banking Network). The move is aimed at hurting Russia’s oil and gas exports.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, ‘We have taken decisive action tonight with our international partners to get Russia out of the global financial system, including Russian banks from SWIFT. The first important step to get out is also involved.

‘Putin will pay the price for his aggression’

“We will continue to work together to ensure that Putin pays the price for his aggression,” Johnson said. Meanwhile, UK Foreign Minister Liz Truss said that the government will support any British citizen who wants to join the Ukrainian people in the fight against the Russians You have to make your own decision.

Fourth day of Russian attack on Ukraine

Truss told the BBC, ‘Of course, if people want to support the struggle, I will support them to do so.’ He said, ‘The people of Ukraine are fighting for freedom and democracy. President Putin is challenging it. Ukraine’s ambassador to Britain, Vadim Pristyko, said a large number of foreign nationals are seeking permission to fight on behalf of Ukraine in the fighting.

Sunday was the fourth day of the Russian attack on Ukraine. Earlier on Sunday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on foreign nationals to come together for security in Europe. 

‘The beginning of the war against Europe’ 

Ukraine’s president said his country is setting up an ‘international’ army of volunteers for foreigners wishing to join the Ukrainian Army in the fight against the Russian army. Zelensky is quoted as saying on his official website, ‘This is not just Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but it is the beginning of a war against Europe, against European unity.’ Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace refused to send British troops but said Britain would support Ukraine in this fight in whatever way it would.

‘Go Putin-Get Treated’

About one lakh people demonstrated in Berlin against Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Police said that a large number of people have gathered around the Brandenburg Gate in central Berlin and they are being provided with additional space. It said Sunday’s demonstration was peaceful and was attended by families, including children, and people waved yellow and blue flags in support of Ukraine. Some displayed placards with the words ‘Quit Ukraine’, ‘Get Putin-Get treatment and let Ukraine and the world be at peace’.


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