Kuwait’s Ministry of Defense has decided not to give weapons to women soldiers. Women were allowed to join the army in October 2021. Now the army has said that weapons will not be given to women. Also, before taking any step on the border, they will have to take permission from the male soldiers. The Defense Ministry has also decided that women in the armed forces will have to wear a head covering. Women are unhappy with this decision.

Many people opposed the recruitment of women in the army, citing the Islamic culture of Kuwait.

Many people opposed the recruitment of women in the army, citing the Islamic culture of Kuwait.

this is a betrayal

People have described this policy as ‘one step forward, two steps back’. Responding to this, Gadir Al-Khashti, a sports teacher and a member of the Kuwait Football Association’s Women’s Committee, said, “I don’t know why there are these restrictions to join the army.” We have women working in every field including the police force. According to Ghadir, his mother helped the army during the invasion of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in 1990. He said, ‘My mother used to hide weapons in her clothes and deliver them to the soldiers. Even my father never stopped him. I do not understand on what basis the government considers women weak.

gave martyrdom for the country

Lulwa Saleh Al-Mulla, head of the Kuwaiti Women’s Cultural and Social Society, said the ministry’s sanctions are discriminatory and unconstitutional. “We have examples of women who have given martyrdom for their country, who have defended the country of their own free will. Nobody ordered them to do so, it was their love for the country. It is true that We are a Muslim country, but we demand that laws should not be subject to fatwas. Individual liberty is guaranteed in the Constitution.

Ibtihal al-Khatib, professor of English language at the University of Kuwait, said the debate about new military rules designed for women has taken an irrational turn. Some say that the army needs to integrate both women and men without any discrimination. Because danger does not differentiate between men and women, nor does death during war see any difference.

recruitment of women in army

In January, the Kuwait government started the process of recruiting women in the army. Several thousand women had applied for recruitment in the army. University Diploma or Graduation is the eligibility for this. Women between 18 to 26 years can apply.

Got the right to vote in the year 2005

Kuwaiti women got the right to vote in 2005. Women have been active in both the cabinet and parliament, although their representation in both has been low and poor. However, it is recognized that there are still many challenges regarding women’s rights in the Gulf countries.


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