Married At First Sight groom Cody Bromley has revealed that Selina Chhaur is no longer talking to him after he broke up with her in February.

The 31-year-old fitness trainer revealed Selina, 33, has ‘cut him out completely’ and isn’t returning any of his phone calls.‘Selina’s way of moving on is just to cut me out completely, and that’s the way she deals with breakups, which is a shame,’ he said.

‘After the reunion, we spent a couple of days together, which was incredible, and for me, it reminded us that there definitely was something there.‘I think I just wanted to validate the decision or respect the decision that I decided to break up.

‘Time I thought was the best remedy, so you we could actually process it, but we had a good three hour conversation over the phone and it didn’t sort of go as well as I would have hoped.’Cody decided to end their relationship because things kept ‘going back to that toxic environment’ where they would ‘revisit old issues’.

‘I guess why I made the call. I wasn’t intending to. The feelings were that the whole time, it was just a very pragmatic decision,’ he said.‘It was one of those things. So final vows and leading up to the reunion, Selina kept, asking me ”Why are you still here? ”And she’d sort of say, just let me go. And that became very repetitive.

 ‘I understand that was her pleading, she wanted me to put more of an effort in which I had tried, but it was also frustrating.’‘I feel like I failed her time and time again,’ he added.

Cody said he felt like Selina was ‘taunting him to break up with her’, which caused him to snap and finally pull the pin on their relationship. ‘I was in a sort of feral mood, and just being back in the environment of the whole experiment. The night of that dinner party, I just pulled the pin. It wasn’t planned.’ 

‘I am sure it was the right decision. But it was. Yeah, very abrupt.’He explained they planned to keep their breakup a secret until they were picked up by their driver and Selina changed her mind.

‘I gave her the option. I was like was happy to do whatever was best for her. And then about 30 minutes before our driver picked us out to go to the reunion, she said ”I can’t do it, we need to tell them” and there it was… so I brought it up on the couch,’ he said. Elsewhere Cody said he still ‘deeply cares’ about Selina and hopes that they can be good friends having shared such a unique experience. 

 ‘And that was I sort of set that precedent early on, where I really did let her down quite a bit, so from that point, I started to felt like I had to make it up to her.‘Hands down I actually really did get genuine feelings for the girl. I was so lucky to be matched with her.’


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