Weird News: The name of this person is Graham. Seeing Graham, everyone is stunned that how can the structure of a human’s body be so strange.

A person with a strange body is being discussed a lot on social media these days. The structure of this human body has taken everyone by surprise. Although the body structure of this person named Graham is strange, but, it has such power which is not found in ordinary humans. Let us tell you about Graham.  

This person can avoid the biggest road accident

Graham can save himself in the biggest road accident. The structure of his body is such that nothing will happen to him in a road accident. Actually Graham has been prepared to spread awareness about road safety. Graham was developed by the Australian Transport Accident Commission.

Graham has been prepared like this

Here it is important for you to know that Graham is not a living person, but it is a unique model. The model of this human body has been designed in such a way that it can survive even in a horrific road accident. Graham is made from fiberglass, silicone and human hair.

Graham’s body has unique features

According to ‘The Mirror’ website, Graham has been prepared by a trauma surgeon, accident investigation specialist and an artist. Behind this was the idea of ​​​​creating a virtual human, who could survive in a high-speed accident. Melbourne Hospital surgeon Christian Canfield has prepared Graham in collaboration with artist Patricia Pichini. All of Graham’s unique features can be found at, a 360-degree interactive tool.


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