Donald Trump’s troubles are not taking the name of lessening. Now in a case related to forgery, the court has ordered him to record his statement. His daughter and son are also mentioned in this order.

Former US President Donald Trump is in trouble. In a case of fraud, the court has ordered him to record his statement. A US court judge ordered on Thursday that Trump file answers to questions in connection with the investigation into his business activities. It is worth noting that ever since he stepped down from the presidency, there has been a barrage of allegations against Trump.    

Trump’s children also mentioned 

Judge Arthur Angoron said in his order that Donald Trump, his two children Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., should comply with a summons issued in December by New York Attorney General Leticia James. . He said that Trump and his children should record their statements within 21 days. The judge made the order after a two-hour-long cross-examination of lawyers for Trump and James’ office.

evidence of fraud found

The court said that in the final analysis, the state attorney general launched an investigation into a business entity and found evidence of possible financial fraud. Now she wants to question and answer many people related to this business. They have a clear right to do so. 

Fraud done like this!

The decision can be appealed, but a Trump spokesperson has yet to comment on the decision. It is being told that the investigation has found evidence that Trump’s company fraudulently in the valuation of properties like golf courses and skyscrapers to get debt and tax exemption. However, Trump has not yet commented on this order of the court.


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