A guru has crossed all limits of cruelty. In Indonesia, this guru raped 13 girl students. Many of them became pregnant. The court has sentenced the accused to life imprisonment.

 A teacher in Indonesia has crossed all limits of cruelty. Here this teacher has raped at least 13 girl students, in which many got pregnant. According to the report, this teacher kept raping these girl students for about five years. The court has sentenced the accused to life imprisonment. It is being told that the culprit was the principal of an Islamic boarding school.

Rape committed in the middle of 2016-21

Heri Virawan, the school principal of the girls’ school located in the Indonesian city of Bandung, West Java, confessed to his crime. Along with this, he has also apologized to the victim girl students and their families. It is alleged that this teacher raped 13 girl students between the age group of 11 to 14 years. The accused carried out these incidents between 2016 and 2021. The girls victims of this rape gave birth to about nine children. After the rape case came to light, there was a lot of anger among the people.

9 children born

According to vice.com, the matter was first made public on December 7. It has been reported that at least nine children have been born during the rape, while local media outlets also reported that two more children are expected. 

Investigation started last year

Officials probing the matter said that many victims refused to report the matter. Because she’s scared. The West Java Police started investigation in May last year after a complaint was filed by the victim’s parents. At the same time, the guilty school principal was arrested. It has been told that the victim girl had informed her parents about the whole matter when she came home during the holidays.

Court orders for children born due to rape

A three-judge bench in Bandung District Court convicted Virawan, the principal of the school, for violating the Child Protection Act and the Criminal Code. Along with this, he has asked the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection to jointly give 33.1 crores ($ 23,200) to the girl students. Along with this, the court ordered that the children born due to rape should be handed over to the Child and Women Protection Agency. The court said that when the aggrieved girl students will be mentally ready to take care of their children. Then the children will be handed over to them.


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