On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he would have to spend “a few days” in self-isolation as several people fell ill in his entourage with Covid-19. Putin said via a video link at a summit of a Russia-led security bloc which he initially planned to attend offline in Tajikistan. Hence, it is unclear how long will he has to stay isolated.

He also says that it is not just one of two-person it’s several groups of people who are not keeping well, therefore they all are to stay in isolation for a while Putin himself needs to stay in isolation for few days.

Putin, 68, has got both the shots of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine. He said that this week he personally experienced its efficiency.

The Kremlin said Putin was healthy were on Thursday his spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, the president’s self-isolation would last for a week. Also added, that he was not known of anyone being gravely ill.

We have also come across that whether he would attempt the summit of G20 major economies next month in Rome.

Kremlin visitors had to pass through several tests, where all the journalists who will be attending this event would have to go through multiple PCR tests.


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