The plan to surprise boyfriend on Valentine’s Day proved to be very painful for the girlfriend. You cannot even guess what happened to the girl who reached from America to another country boyfriend.

When a person is in love, his limits also increase. In true love, a boy or a girl is ready to do anything. One such love story was seen in America but its result was horrifying. In this relationship the girl’s love was true but the boy was cheating on her. Let us tell you about the ending of this shocking love story…

There was a plan to surprise boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

Mary Fatz, who lives in America, had planned to surprise her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Under the plan, she reached another country from America where she had a boyfriend. 

Mary had reached another country after a long journey

Mary travels a long distance to reach the place where her boyfriend was staying. According to the report of The Mirror, Mary’s boyfriend was studying in the country outside America. When Mary reaches outside the boyfriend’s room, she cannot believe her eyes. 

Mary’s heart broken

Mary’s heart was broken. Mary Fatz has posted a video of her ordeal on Tiktok with her username @maryfatz. She revealed in the video that she knocked on the door of her boyfriend’s room, but no one answered. Mary told that the boyfriend was in the room with some other girl.

Mary’s post was viewed by over 28.4 million people

The video posted by Mary is going viral. Mary’s post has been viewed over 28.4 million times. More than 7,000 people have commented in support of Mary.


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