Russia Ukraine Conflict: It has spread all over the world that Russia can attack Ukraine in a few hours. Now the question is, how did this thing spread? Actually this claim belongs to none other than the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. Zelensky posted on social media about Russia’s attack.

Know what the President of Ukraine claimed

The President of Ukraine had claimed that Russia would attack Ukraine on 16 February. And Ukraine will celebrate this date as Unity Day. During this too, he had offered to resolve the dispute through talks.

threat of attack

But the matter kept getting worse. Now that date is in front and the threat of attack is looming. From Ukraine to America and NATO countries, there is a fear that Putin can attack at any time. This is because these countries do not trust Putin. In the meantime, there have been many such incidents, which give more strength to the claim of instigating the war. 

India called back its citizens living in Ukraine

As India has issued an advisory to its citizens living in Ukraine to return. Also, those who want to go to Ukraine from India, have appealed to them not to go to Ukraine yet. Israel has also completed preparations to airlift its citizens from Ukraine. America has also appealed to its citizens to leave Ukraine. Countries like America, Australia, Germany, Canada are moving their consulates from Ukraine’s capital Kiev to Lev. When US Defense Department Pentagon spokesman John Kirby was asked about Russia’s attack, he neither confirmed nor denied it.

Russia will first attack Ukraine’s capital Kiev

An international report has claimed that if there is a war, Russia will first attack Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The war will start from the ground. And after that, entering Kiev, the soldiers of Russia will lash out at the enemies. Russian troops and tanks will surround important cities of Ukraine. Apart from this, fighter aircraft and helicopters will also be on alert mode.

30 thousand soldiers ready for war in Belarus

In Belarus, 30 thousand soldiers are fully prepared for war. The maneuvers of the soldiers of Russia and Belarus have been going on for the last several days. In this exercise, from Sukhoi-35 fighter aircraft to S-400 air defense systems are deployed near the Ukraine border. Belarus is a neighboring country of Ukraine and an important friend of Russia. At the same time, the maneuvers of the Russian Navy are going on in Kalasagar too. 

May the flames of war reach cities and homes

Attacks can kill 50,000 civilians 
More than 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers can be killed 
4000 Russian soldiers 
will be mass displaced 
In 2014, 14,000 people were killed in fighting in eastern Ukraine 
and About 1.4 million people were displaced

What will be the effect on Russia?

Russia  can be taken out of the SWIFT financial system , 
through this system, money is transacted from one bank to another across the world.  Gas will reduce profits  40 percent of Russia’s revenue comes from oil and gas  America can also ban US dollar transactions on  Russia Russia will not be able to transact in US dollars either 

What will be the effect on Putin’s image?

Western countries may support a military insurgency in Ukraine. 
In such a situation, it will be difficult for Putin to bear the cost of war for years.
This may reduce Putin’s support in his own country, Putin 
‘s leadership may be challenged.
The step taken by Putin to change the constitution of Russia to become the President for life, that issue will again get heated. 

The biggest effect will be that inflation will increase further.

Oil will be expensive.. Inflation will increase!
Crude oil prices can reach $ 100 to $ 120 per barrel 
Russia produces 10 million barrels of oil a day,
which is about 10% of the world’s demand, 
the price of fuel will skyrocket 
and more in the stock markets around the world There will be a decline.

The big impact will be on the economy of Europe…

Electricity will become expensive in 
Europe, 33% of Europe’s natural gas comes from Russia,
Russia supplies gas to Europe through Ukrainian pipelines.  Half 
of the gas consumption in Germany comes from Russia  . 

What would be the effect on India if attacked?

There is mutual trade between India-Ukraine, 
India sells medicines and electrical machinery to Ukraine India  buys
essential items like cooking oil, fertilizers and nuclear reactors from Ukraine, after Russia, Ukraine is one of the
major suppliers of nuclear reactors and boilers to India. 
Due to supply disruption, the work of nuclear energy can slow down in
India, India’s economy is greatly affected by the prices of crude oil. 
As oil prices rise, there will be more pressure on the people who are already facing inflation. 
Not only this, the result of spending more dollars for crude oil will be that the trade deficit of the country will increase further. 
Apart from this, a large number of Indian students are studying medicine in Ukraine. 
Their safety will be concerned when the war starts 


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