The Ricardos

Being the Ricardos has released its first trailer, showing Nicole Kidman as the incredible Lucille Ball. The profoundly expected film stars Kidman as the notorious parody entertainer inverse Javier Bardem as Desi Arnaz. Chronicling one especially frightening seven day stretch of creation on the couple’s sitcom I Love Lucy, the film sees Ball and Arnaz experience an emergency that could end both their professions and their marriage. Essayist and chief Aaron Sorkin has been advocating the film for a long while, officially getting the greenlight from Amazon in 2021.

Presently, Amazon Prime Video released the main teaser trailer for the film, allowing crowds the debut survey of Kidman and Bardem in character as Ball and Arnaz. Described by Ball, the jam-stuffed promotion includes an epic form of the famous I Love Lucy theme melody. It uncovers sneak looks at the couple’s life behind the camera, Ball recording a portion of the hit sitcom’s most popular scenes, and some first glances at the great supporting cast. Look at the full clasp beneath:

Kidman’s portrayal in the trailer showcases the work she has placed into making sure about the legend’s raspy voice. Consistently, the story appears to place Ball in the force seat, suggesting that the film will be more according to her point of view. Esthetically, the official teaser doesn’t frustrate. It opens on the arrangement of I Love Lucy, teasing precisely what the film’s log-line has recently promoted. Watchers will see multi week underway from the Monday table read to the Friday crowd taping of the show. As a feature of the clasp, Kidman recreates different darling minutes from the I Love Lucy index, including the renowned grape stepping scene.

The whole clasp comes full circle in the uncover of the Being the Ricardos logo, which is an advanced update of the I Love Lucy title cards. As the Lucy theme melody grows behind the scenes, fans are quieted in with the guarantee that this film will be stuffed loaded with wistfulness. Obviously, since this first trailer is a greater amount of a general montage, the film’s tone isn’t totally clear yet. However, there’s no question it will be vigorously described by Aaron Sorkin’s lightning fast speed and clever exchange, which this heavenly cast ought to experience no difficulty executing.


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