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Lost creator jokingly addresses The Batman’s Riddler clues by interfacing it to the Dharma Initiative. DC’s forthcoming Batman film featuring Robert Pattinson was a practically complete secret before another trailer dropped at this current end of the week’s DC FanDome occasion.

Be that as it may, fans may presently don’t need to ponder about The Riddler’s riddles as no less than one individual professes to have tackled the secret. On Instagram, Lost creator Damon Lindelof posted his own answer, which shows that The Riddler is really associated with the baffling Dharma Initiative. See Lindelof’s post in the space underneath:

Lindelof is obviously being clever in his post as he professes to have tackled The Riddler’s riddle. The joke clearly is that Bruce Wayne’s stretching examination board with the unavoidable issue mark in the center looks a horrendous part like the guide from Lost showing the areas of the Dharma Initiative’s different establishments on the island, with again a goliath question mark in the center. Enthusiasts of Lost will recall that the guide was found by John Locke on a blast entryway when the Swan station momentarily went into lockdown and the room became overflowed with bright light. This sign to the presence of more establishments on the island opened up the show’s secret part of the way through season 2, prompting more disclosures later on.

Clearly this association between The Riddler and the Dharma Initiative is only for amusement purposes and doesn’t address a genuine hint that the Lost universe is going to slam into the DCEU. However, the presence of the Riddler’s hints in the new The Batman trailer exhibits the suffering force of establishing such secrets to get crowds energized for another piece of content. Obviously Lost didn’t create this methodology, as motion pictures like The Blair Witch Project exploited such interest producing ploys years prior. However, Lost demonstrated the force of the “secret box” during its run on network TV and without a doubt impacted both the TV and film universes. Shockingly, the secrets of Lost apparently didn’t pay off sufficiently, and the entire Dharma Initiative mystery in numerous ways felt like a last detail that was rarely truly restricted. Ideally the Riddler’s riddles in The Batman will amount to something more fulfilling than the different secrets that Lost invoked and afterward to a great extent left hanging.


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