Vaccination was made mandatory by the Canadian government. In such a situation, hundreds of truck drivers are demonstrating with trucks. In such a situation, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced the imposition of emergency in the country.

 The demonstration that started after the corona vaccination was made mandatory in Canada is becoming fierce. Truck divers have created a blockade by parking trolleys at various places in the capital. Due to this the local people have to face trouble. In such a situation, in view of the tense situation, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced the imposition of emergency in the country.

Many areas of the capital were jammed

Let us tell you that vaccination was made mandatory by the Canadian government. In such a situation, hundreds of truck drivers are demonstrating with trucks. Due to this many areas of the capital Ottawa have been jammed. During this, the protesters are demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In such a situation, he announced the implementation of the Emergency Act.

Canada is facing economic loss

The PM says that due to this demonstration, some borders of the country and some parts of the capital have been closed. In such a situation, rarely used emergency powers are being implemented. This will also cut down on the financial help received from the government. These protests are harming the economy and Canada’s reputation as a reliable trading partner.

Police will get more powers

After the implementation of the Act, police forces will get more powers and crowdfunding platforms related to terrorism will be banned. Trudeau said in a press conference that these protests are harming our economy and endangering the safety of the public. We cannot allow illegal and dangerous activities to continue.

Emergency has been imposed after 1970

Trudeau said that all kinds of efforts were made on his behalf to end the demonstration, but now it is clear that this protest has now become a serious challenge to law enforcement. This Emergency Act, enacted in the year 1988, allows the country’s government to override the provinces and ensure security during national emergencies. Prior to this, Emergency was imposed in Canada in 1970 during the rule of Trudeau’s father and former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

States protested

At the same time, four states Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan opposed the plan to implement the act, saying it was unnecessary. At the same time, Trudeau said that the measures taken regarding security will be applicable only in those places where they are needed. The time limit for the implementation of the Act is also fixed. He said that the Parliament of Canada will have to approve the use of this act within 7 days. At the same time, Parliament also has the right to cancel it.

Crowdfunding is being used for illegal activities

Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said all crowdfunding programs and payment providers being used should register with Canada’s anti-money laundering agency, Fintrack, and report suspicious activity immediately. Freeland said that we are making these changes because we know that these platforms are being used to support illegal blockades and illegal activities that are hurting the Canadian economy.

Fridge to bank suspicious accounts 

At the same time, the government has asked banks to stop such suspicious accounts, which are supporting the protests without a court order. Along with this, the insurance of trucks involved in the blockade will also be suspended. Canadian officials have said that nearly half of the funding for the protests came from American supporters.

American website became the medium of money

After the government stopped giving money to the protesters by the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe, now the US website GivesendGo has become a major source of money for the protesters. Meanwhile, protesters on Sunday blocked the Ambassador Bridge, an important trade route to Detroit, for six days. Along with this, smaller borders in Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia have also been closed.


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