Woman Sells her Breast Milk: Mother’s milk is like nectar for children.┬áBut there is also a woman who is earning millions by selling her ‘breast milk’.┬áMila De’brito, who lives in the UK, sells her breastmilk to bodybuilders, earning her millions.

 Mother’s milk is considered like nectar for children. But there is also a mother in Britain who is earning lakhs of rupees by selling her ‘breast milk’. Mila Debrito, who lives in the UK, sells her breastmilk to bodybuilders, earning her millions. Her body makes more breast milk than necessary, so she earns by selling this milk.

‘Shared information from video’

Mila Debrito has shared a video on Tiktok in which she takes her breast milk in a pouch. Which he named Liquid Gold. Weird reactions of people are coming on this video.

‘Increased demand among bodybuilders’

Body builders who buy Mila De’brito milk believe that this milk is very beneficial for muscles. At the same time, according to Debrito, she has to undergo tests to ensure that she does not consume cigarettes and alcohol. She says that she does not know what men do by buying her milk, but they have told her that they drink it.

According to Indian rupees, their one ounce (29.5 ml) of milk costs more than 100 rupees. She has sold many liters of milk till now, from which she has earned about ten lakh rupees.

business model question

Experts say that only needy children should be given this kind of milk. Many people called it wrong and said that this milk is taken only for a certain time after the pregnancy is complete. Gradually his quality is affected. Between good and bad reactions, many people are considering this thinking spread among bodybuilders as a myth.


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