A marble has been found during excavation in Turkey, which is about 195 million years old. Bismillah written on this stone is visible. It is believed that Bismillah has been painted naturally on the marble. 

: A very old marble stone has been found from a quarry in Turkey, on which Bismillah is written. This mine is located in the Mediterranean province of Antalya. It is being told that Bismillah is naturally made on marble. This marble stone is being said to be 195 million years old, at that time dinosaurs were alive on earth.

Came as soon as the dust was removed

Turkey’s official news agency Anadolu Agency reports that this rare discovery has been made in the marble business area of ​​Antalya Marble Industry and Trade Company in the village of Tassigi in Antalya Korkuteli district. When the excavation workers removed the dust deposited on the marble, they felt as if ‘Bismillah’ was written in Arabic letters on the marble slab. The marble was then sent to the Suleiman Demiral University in the southwestern Isparta province of Turkey for analysis.

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The remains of living beings are present on the stone

Scientists Fuzuli Yagamurlu, Rasit Altindag and Najmi Sengun studied marble in depth and made an interesting point in their analysis. He told that the marble is probably 195 million years old and it is believed that Bismillah has been painted naturally on it. Scientists found in their analysis that the remains of organisms of 195 million years ago are present in the dolomitic stone of marble. During this time Jurassic dinosaurs lived on the earth and fossils of that time have been found in marble. 

This is how ‘Bismillah’ will be made

During the study it was also seen that these remains were only in a part of the marble slab. The scientists said in their report that the writing of Bismillah on the marble slab was a completely natural process. This figure must have been formed due to the cracking and destruction of the remains of a heart-shaped conch on a marble slab over time. According to a scientific report presented by Ahmet Ogke, dean of the Akdeniz University Faculty of Theology in Turkey, the Arabic figures on marble are similar to those of Bismillah mentioned in the Quran. 


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