Finding Ways To Love Himself: The man told that after marrying Doll, he realized that he did not need to love anyone else.

A person living in Kazakhstan has given a strange statement. The man said that he wants to have a relationship with himself. He loves himself very much. The person told that this year he is looking for ways in which he can have a relationship with himself.

want to have a relationship with myself

According to a report published in the Daily Star, the name of the person who wants to have a relationship with himself is Yuri Tolochko. He is a bodybuilder. His age is 37 years. A large number of people are discussing it because of the statement that they want to have a relationship with themselves.

married a doll

Let us tell you that Yuri has already married two dolls. One doll’s name is Luna and the other’s name is Lola. Yuri told that after marrying Doll Lola, he realized that he needed to love himself rather than others. He shoots a video of himself while making a relationship and enjoys watching it later.

Gets intoxicated by its own scent

Yuri told that he likes his own fragrance very much. He gets intoxicated by her own fragrance. Yuri said that he wants that he no longer needs anyone else for love. He wants to spend his love on himself.

The man told that he can fall in love with anything. He can be in love with a picture, soul, person or anything else. Yuri said that he wants to form a group of different types of lovers.


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