When a ‘Rain Bomb’ fell on the city of Brisbane, Australia, there was devastation in the city. Due to this, Brisbane, Australia’s third most populous city, was under water on Monday. 

:  Australia is currently facing devastating weather events due to global warming. Brisbane, Australia’s third most populous city, was under water on Monday as heavy rains caused record flooding in some areas of the east coast and killed eight people.  

massive property damage

Large parts of Queensland and New South Wales are facing flash floods, causing widespread property damage as rainfall exceeds the annual average in a matter of days, agency reports.

More than 1,400 homes at risk of flooding

In the wake of a severe storm, more than 1,400 homes in the Queensland state capital Brisbane were at risk of flooding while more than 28,000 homes were without electricity. 

Extraordinary rain in Brisbane

Queensland Premier Annastasia Palaszczuk said the rain in Brisbane since November has been exceptional. We never expected this rain. This rain bomb is really dangerous. You know, it’s unbelievable. 

What is a rain bomb?

The phenomenon of a ‘rain bomb’ occurs when the wind hits the ground with such force that it creates tornado-power winds. A rain bomb hit Australia’s third-most populous city, Brisbane, and snapped power lines and caused widespread destruction within hours. 

Multiple emergency flood alerts for suburbs

It has been raining heavily and it continues to rain in many parts of the Australian city. Rainfall in many parts has decreased by more than 1.5 meters of average annual rainfall since Thursday. The recent floods in Brisbane are the worst since 2011. When the city of 26 million people was described as a once in a century event. Several emergency flood alerts were in place for the Brisbane suburbs where 2,145 homes and 2,356 business sites were inundated on Monday. Another 10,827 properties were partially submerged above the floorboards. 


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