The 38-year-old reality star who is the daughter of Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy, 73, and former ‘X Factor’ judge Sharon, 70 is expecting her first child with boyfriend Sid Wilson any minute now and is reportedly set to name her little boy after his dad.

She said: “I had terrible terrible, terrible heartburn, acid reflux, my feet were swelling, and I was having rapid weight gain, and I was like, ‘I don’t understand this, I’m not eating enough to make this add up, what’s happening?’

A source told The New York Post’s Page Six column: “They’re planning to name him Sid after his dad. She’s doing well!” The news comes just weeks after ‘The Osbournes’ star revealed that she will “never eat the same again” after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes following “terrible” heartburn.

“So, I went to the doctor, and I’d already done a test and passed it, but then when I got to my third trimester, they tested me again and it turned out that I had gestational diabetes, and the whole time, I just sat there being like, ‘What what did I do wrong? What am I eating that’s so bad?’ Because I thought I was eating relatively healthy.

Kelly previously revealed that she thought she was the cause of her health troubles. “I got it in my third trimester and, basically, I thought it was something that I had done wrong.”

“It turns out, I was not, but it was not anything I did. You either get it, or you don’t, and I think it’s more to do with me being 37 than any amount of sugar that I was eating. “But  now that I know what I know about sugar, I don’t think I’ll ever eat the same again.”

The TV star  whose symptoms have included weight gain and fatigue said: “At first I thought it was something that I had done. I only got diagnosed with it well into my third trimester, so it wasn’t like I developed it as some people get it from the get-go when they’re pregnant.


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