Custom houses and comprehensive reforms double the demand for architects. 4 million homes carried out renovations with works in the second semester. Custom housing projects increased 360%.

The way of perceiving and inhabiting homes has changed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The confinement forced the houses to be converted into offices, schools, spaces and sports and leisure, which has caused a shock in the reform sector. Thus, the demand for architects has doubled, the rebound reached 93% year-on-year compared to the previous year , according to a study by the online design platform Houzz.

“The population has realized that it must adapt its home to current needs, from the distribution of furniture to the creation of new spaces”, defend sources from Deusto Formación, an online continuous training center specialized in business training programs and new technologies : “For these reforms, it is essential to ask for help from professionals.”

What home renovations should I do to save energy and qualify for rehabilitation aid?
What home renovations should I do to qualify for rehabilitation aid?

Four million homes carried out renovations with works in the second half of 2020 , according to the report by Línea Directa, How Spanish homes have changed during the pandemic . “This has meant a real boom in the demand for architects, installation companies and decorators and, above all, interior designers,” say sources from Deusto Formación. Valencia, Barcelona and Seville are the cities in which the most home renovations are being carried out, and Malaga and Madrid the least.

In addition, there was a 360% increase in custom-made housing projects, compared to the previous year.

1.3 million moves
Another consequence of the pandemic is an acceleration of housing changes. In fact, last year there were 1.3 million moves , most of them in search of more space, more light and more ventilation.

According to the Línea Directa report, the Majorcans, Andalusians and Extremadurans were the ones who changed their home the most . On the other hand, the people of Madrid are the ones who experienced the least changes and the fewest renovations.


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