Russia Ukraine War LIVE updates: The Russian army is once again intensifying its attack on Ukraine on the third day of the war. Here Ukraine has got the support of France in this fierce war. The President of Ukraine spoke on the phone with French President Emmanuel Macron, after which he has assured Ukraine’s support. President Zelensky tweeted that, having spoken with French President Emmanuel Macron, weapons and equipment from our allies are on their way to Ukraine. The Anti-War Coalition is now at work. On the other hand, French President Emmanuel Macron warned in an event that, this war will go on, this crisis will remain and all the crises that come with it will have permanent consequences.

Russia’s capture of Melitopol city of Ukraine, Russia again fired two missiles in Kiev

Here Russian troops have captured the city of Melitopol in Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry has claimed that it has now completely captured the city. Russia is constantly attacking to capture Kiev as well. At the same time, according to Reuters, Russia has fired two missiles in Kiev, one near Zhulyani airport and the other in a residential building. On the other hand, there have been reports of Russia targeting military units on Victory Avenue in Kiev. Although Russia rejected the attack, the news agency AFP has given strong information and Ukraine’s military has also now confirmed it on its verified Facebook page. 

German ambassador condemns Russian military action in Ukraine

German Ambassador to India Walter J Lindner has condemned the war waged by Putin on the situation in Ukraine. He said it was a matter of shame and also warned that he would react with economic sanctions. Lindner said that we cannot allow the occupation of another country.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba shared a picture of Kiev amid Russia’s ongoing attack on Ukraine. The picture shows clear evidence of Russia’s attacks on civilians. The picture shows a rocket attack on a multi-storey building. Through this, the minister has appealed to isolate Russia from the world.

Fighting begins on the streets in Kiev, people are urged to take shelter

Amid Russian attacks, Kiev officials have warned its residents that street fighting is on against Russian forces and are urging people to seek refuge. In a warning issued on Saturday, residents have been advised to stay in shelters, avoid going near windows or balconies.

President Zelensky released a video from Kiev confirming that he remained in Kiev to face Russia, leaving the country alone and not going anywhere. At the same time, Zelensky has turned down the offer of the US government to leave the country. He gave a clear message to America that “I don’t need a ride to run, I need ammunition to fight”. 

Ukraine’s foreign minister pleaded with India to stop the war

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba spoke to External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on phone on Friday. He urged to use the influence of India’s relations with Russia to end military operations against Ukraine. Kuleba also urged India, as a non-permanent UNSC member, to support the draft resolution on ‘restoring peace in Ukraine’.

Formation of 3 teams to evacuate Indians

The government is trying its best to evacuate Indian students amid the Ukraine crisis. Here, Ambassador of India to Poland Nagma Malik told that the embassy has formed three teams which will assist in relocating the stranded India N students. One of these teams is in Lviv. He said that the Polish government is trying hard to make travel easier for all the stranded students.

Ukraine ready to talk on ceasefire

A spokesman for Ukrainian President Zelensky has said that Russia may try to shake the capital Kiev tonight. Now Ukraine agrees to ceasefire and peace. On Friday, spokesman Sergii Nykyforov said on social media that talks are on between Russia and Ukraine to choose a time and place for the talks. “Ukraine is open to talks about ceasefire,” he said. President Volodymyr Zelensky even went so far as to say that his forces would only be able to defend the capital Kiev for four days, as the battle for occupation drew near.

America imposed new sanctions

Angry over Russia’s military action in Ukraine, the US first imposed economic sanctions. At the same time, the people of the elite class were banned and now the US has announced a travel ban on President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov.


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