Pope Francis, the supreme religious leader of Christians, visited the Russian Embassy in Rome. There, he met the Russian ambassador. The Pope is said to be angry with Russia’s invasion. 

Taking an extraordinary initiative, Pope Francis, the highest religious leader of Christians, has appealed to stop the ongoing war in Ukraine by visiting the Russian Embassy in Rome. Along with this also expressed concern about this war. Pope Francis has assured a top Greek Catholic leader in Ukraine that he will do whatever he can to stop the war.

Pope’s initiative being considered extraordinary

The Pope said that I will do whatever I can. This initiative of the Pope is considered extraordinary because usually all the heads of state and diplomats come to the Vatican to meet the Pope. Under diplomatic protocol, the foreign minister of the Vatican should have summoned the Russian ambassador.

Pope is angry with Russia’s attack

The Pope’s visit to the Russian embassy shows that he is very angry about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and wants to see it end as soon as possible, so he has personally appealed to the Russian embassy to stop the war.

France said – the threat of third world war

Let us inform that French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that the danger of World War III has increased on the world. He said that this war will go on for a long time, the world should be ready for a long war. At the same time, the army chief of Ukraine has made a big claim that Russia will not benefit in 24 hours.

The returning students will have to show the corona report

At the same time, medical students coming to India from Ukraine will have to show the Kovid Vaccinated Certificate at the Mumbai airport. If there is no certificate, RT-PCR can also show negative report. In the absence of both of these, the Kovid test of the students will be done at the airport.


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