: Ukraine is also facing a tough fight after Russia’s attack. However, Russia’s forces are overwhelming Ukraine. She is constantly moving inwards from the border, but Ukraine is also not ready to bow down. In such a situation, it is being feared that Russia may use the world’s most powerful bomb, which is called the ‘Father of All Bombs’. 

Can burn an area of ​​300 meters

Russia has the world’s deadliest Father of All Bombs. Although, it is non-nuclear bomb, but is considered quite powerful in the world. It is also called aviation thermobaric bomb of increased power. It was made by Russia in 2007. It emits energy of about 44 tons of TNT in one go and an area of ​​300 meters can be burnt to ashes. The weight of this bomb is about 7 thousand tons. It is dropped from the jet and explodes in the middle of the air.

used in Syria

Experts believe that it was also used in Syria. In such a situation, this bomb can be detonated to force Ukraine to kneel in the war. It is a psychological weapon. So where there will be massive casualties on one side. On the other hand, tanks will also suffer.

explodes with the help of oxygen

The Father of All Bombs uses the oxygen present in the air for more powerful explosions. Its effect is like that of a small atomic bomb. When this bomb explodes, a lot of temperature or energy is released. In such a situation, it causes destruction at a much higher level than conventional bombs.

America has Mother of All Bombs 

Russia has designed the Father of All Bombs on the lines of America’s Mother of All Bombs. America tested Mother of All Bombs in 2003. Its official name is GBU-43/B. This bomb is far behind the Russian bomb in terms of power. Its weight is about 10 thousand kilograms and it explodes with the power of about 11 TNT. An area of ​​150 to 300 meters can be destroyed by its explosion. America used Mother of All Bombs in Afghanistan in 2017. At the same time, Russia also used the Father of All Bombs in Syria. 

Russian army deployed cannon

According to media reports, the Russian army has deployed an atomic bomb cannon. Atomic bomb-capable cannon 2S7 Pion has been deployed along the border near Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city. This cannon can fire nuclear bomb-filled shells up to 37 km. In such a situation, it is being claimed that Russia can use the Father of All Bombs in Ukraine at any time. 


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