This star footballer of Ukraine wants to leave career, will teach lessons to Russia in the battlefield

 Ukraine, the Russian army is continuously moving towards the capital. In such a situation, the people of Ukraine are leaving the country. In such a situation, President Zelensky imposed martial law in the country and banned men between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving the country. Their aim is only to protect Ukraine. At the same time, there are some people who want to put their career at stake and enter the war against Russia on behalf of Ukraine. One such player is Vasil Kravets, he is the star footballer of Ukraine. He says he will stop his football career to go to war for Ukraine against Russia.

Football world is supporting Ukraine

According to media reports, Russian troops have surrounded Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. In such a situation, many types of people are supporting Ukraine. In this episode, Ukraine is also getting big support from the football world.

Kravets said – got up trust from non-violence

According to the news published in the Daily Star, Kravets has taken the biggest step so far. He said that he wanted to go to war, even though he could not reload the gun. He was anti-violence, but has lost confidence in it for Ukraine.

Ukraine is a peace loving country 

Kravets told Radio Marca that Russians were killing civilians in hospitals. It’s all Putin’s fault. I don’t want to say that it is Russia’s fault, but Putin’s. We are a country that wants to live in peace. We don’t want to attack anyone, we prefer to be well and calm.

I don’t know how to shoot a gun, still I want to go

The football player said the truth I want to go to war and help my people, but I can’t help it, because I don’t know how to shoot, how to walk, how to fire a gun again. to load from. The truth is that I want to help.

There will be no Champions League final in Russia

He said that I want to protect my country, so I want to go to war. It is also a must for every Ukrainian. If everyone is needed to protect my country, then I am leaving. I will talk to my sporting team and leave. Let us tell you that the sports world has also united in support of Ukraine. The Champions League final, which was to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia, will no longer happen. 


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