China Taliban

Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesperson says the group supports China’s One Belt, This initiative was taken to connect China with Africa, Asia and Europe through railways, ports, roads and industrial parks as well.

Where the Taliban said he Afghan Taliban has said it looks like Beijing to rebuild Afghanistan and exploit its rich copper deposits as the country has to be facing widespread hunger and fears of an economic collapse for few months.

China is our important partner as it is ready to facilitate rebuilding the country where there are “rich copper mines in the country and they thanks to the Chinese and they can be used it back into the operation. They also mention that China is a pass for them for markets all over the world.

Where China has also come up with some positive statements regarding the Taliban and has expressed their hope by saying that may all forms of terrorist forces get to combat, lives in harmony with all other nations, and live up to the aspiration of its own people and the international community.

┬áThe world is under concern at the huge humanitarian and economic crisis throughout the country” and the complete threat must collapse from the country.


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