A street outlaw was caught on CCTV using “a bizarre dance” to distract a victim before stealing her £9,000 Rolex watch.

Police same Abdelhadi Bahou Jabour approached one or two in Birmingham on ten July and stricken up banter.

He then bust go in a dance routine delineated by police as “part Bruce Forsyth, half suave Dodger” as he slipped off the woman’s watch.

Jabour, from Findern inexperienced, Sneinton, Nottingham, admitted 2 robberies and an

After failing to steal the man’s watch, once it snagged on his cuff, West Midlands Police same the 24-year-old jogged far from Colmore Row.

He shortly stumbled across another girl carrying a £4,700 Rolex watch, that he conjointly created off with.

Jabour is due to be sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court on half dozen Oct.

Police same the “nimble-footed” thief’s dance moves, including “grinding up against the woman” and flicking out his leg, proven an efficient method of amusive the couple’s attention.

But this method uses the other approach, exploitation excessive contact to misdirect your attention far from the feeling of getting your pockets empty or, during this case, your watch taken.”

He same it absolutely was a ability that took “many hours of training” to excellent.

“I’ve seen the ‘Ronaldinho’ technique used before, however this offender’s specific dance moves were the foremost unconventional I’ve ever seen. half Bruce Forsyth, half artful Dodger,” computer Evans added

In the second thievery of the night, in St Phillip’s Cathedral grounds, police same Jabour sang It’s returning range in an endeavor to divert the woman’s attention, though she realized one thing was wrong and resisted.

Jabour then twisted her arm before slippy off her designer watch.

He was noticed within the centre later within the month and in remission.

His movable was examined and police same photos of a party showed Abdul Boychaala and Hussen Ehab, who were confined for identical ruse.


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