Afghan Women protest

The same protest as in Taliban, the Afghanistan women in Kabul are now on the streets, demanding their right to education, employment to be under consideration under the Taliban’s rule.

Through notices and raising slogans, Afghan women are demanding their rights of continuing education and to hold places in job facilities.Where during the protest a Taliban fighter has been stopping women from protesting and raising their slogans.

Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, in an interview, said that women will sit at home and they will be paid accordingly. During the first rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, they followed strictly sharia, or Islamic law. The law stated that women could not work and girls were not allowed to attend school.

“Women have been disappeared from political, social & economic spaces the NGOs led by women are searched, questioned and have made remain shut whereas the prominent women activists are threatened through calls, messages and social media. Such a terrible piece of the act. The women are been ignored in every discussion on future possible governance structures. Samira Hamidi said that the Taliban even think that women should be part of senior roles in the new government under the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan.


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