thebachelorau - Australia, meet your 2022 Bachelors: Felix Von Hofe, Thomas Malucelli and Jed McIntos

Former Bachelorette Angie Kent has criticised The Bachelor for casting three ‘cisgender heterosexual men’ as the stars of its upcoming tenth season. The 32-year-old joined a chorus of progressive celebrities slamming Channel 10’s casting decision Monday, after it was confirmed there would be three white Bachelors and no Bachelorette this year.

Angie posted a video on Instagram of herself reacting in disgust to an article that unveiled two of the three male leads, writing in the caption: ‘Two + cis het men instead of one and no female lead  groundbreaking.’ ‘Three cis het men and no female lead. Groundbreaking’: Angie Kent has criticised The Bachelor for casting three ‘cisgender heterosexual men’ as the stars of its upcoming season

Her post sparked lively debate in the comments section, with some fans questioning why diversity should be prioritised over improving the show’s ratings.  Outspoken comedian Nikki Osborne wrote: ‘[The Bachelor] did try last year though and the ratings would suggest Australia wasn’t ready for that.’

She then joked that producers should cast elderly stars this year, as it would be ‘funny’ to see them take ‘pills before bed’ and ‘try to find their glasses’. Former Bachelor runner-up Abbie Chatfield also weighed in on the controversy on her radio show this week, telling listeners she hopes one of the Bachelors is bisexual. ‘Why is there not one person of colour?’ she asked her Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield co-host Rohan Edwards.

‘I’m hoping at least one of them is bisexual. I’m just hoping that there’s something going on here.’‘Why are they all white?’ she asked, before pointing out that suitor Jed McIntosh is only 25 years old. ‘It’s too young to be the lead of the show where you have to settle down,’ she said. 

Drummer Jed McIntosh will front season 10 of The Bachelor alongside professional basketballer Felix Von Hofe and life coach Thomas Malucelli. The Bachelor Australia has been slammed for its lack of diversity in the past, despite having the first black Bachelor ever with Blake Garvey on season two in 2014.  It took the original American version of The Bachelor until season 25 last year to have a black lead in Matt James.

The Aussie franchise attempted to fix its diversity problem last year by having Fijian pilot Jimmy Nicholson front season nine, while Indigenous youth worker Brooke Blurton was The Bachelorette a few months later. Brooke’s season also made history by being the first ‘queer’ instalment of the franchise, with both men and women vying for her heart. Fans online reacted strongly to the announcement of this year’s Bachelor trio, with many slamming the show for a ‘lack of diversity’.

‘Wow three different hair colours! Progress!’ wrote one person on Instagram, while another added: ‘Three Bachelors yet no diversity.’ Punkee journalist Tahlia Pritchard said she didn’t think ‘three white men’ could ‘save the series’, while Buzzfeed’s Isha Bassi tweeted: ‘What does the The Bachelor franchise have against putting POCs as leads?’ 


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