Comedian Tommy Little raised eyebrows with a rather crude joke during his latest comedy special for Amazon Prime Video, I’ll See Myself Out.  The clip, which resurfaced on Tik Tok this week, showed a newly-single Tommy, 37, jokingly responding after a female audience member, 46, claimed she’d seen his dating profile on Tinder. 

‘You hear I’m on Tinder? That means you’ve seen me on Tinder, you thirsty thing!’ chuckled Tommy, who has remained single following his split from ex-Natalie Kyriacou in February last year. The woman, whose name was Emma, replied by asking Tommy about the ‘age range’ of women he’s prepared to date. ‘Emma, why don’t we just cut the s**t? Emma, how old are you?’ The Project co-host asked, prompting Emma to reveal she was 46. 

‘Hey, 46? Oh, perfect. My age range is 46 to dead. So you’ve just snuck in there,’ he joked, sending the audience into a chorus of shocked laughter. Tommy then turned his attention to a younger female audience member named Jordan whose name he’d learned earlier in the show. Jordan was watching the show with her father Brett. 

‘Jordan’s like, grandma’s in, good!” Tommy joked, prompting Jordan to shout that her grandmother had actually passed away.  Sorry, Jordan!’ the radio host chortled, clutching his forehead in embarrassment. 

Addressing the rest of the audience, Tommy explained: ‘What you guys are missing is a beautiful bit, because I also get Brett’ reaction, which is Jordan’s dad.’  ‘So, Jordan went, “She’s dead”. And Brett, instead of clapping, went “that’s enough”,’ he laughed. Tommy has never been shy to discuss his dating life with fans.  His last girlfriend was environmental activist Natalie Kyriacou, with whom he split in February last year. 

The former couple had debuted their romance in July 2020, but vanished from each other’s social media accounts less than a year later. Following the split, the comedian told TV Week he would regularly drink himself ‘into a stupor’ to cope with the heartbreak. 

The relationship breakdown was made worse by the fact Melbourne’s strict Covid-19 restrictions were already taking a toll on his mental health. ‘I was living with a partner but that didn’t go well. She’s wonderful but we didn’t go well. Then I’ve been living with my housemate,’ he said.

‘And it sucked. I thought I was going to achieve so much having more time on my hands but I didn’t. All I did was drink myself into a stupor.’ Earlier this year, the unlucky-in-love funny man told News Corp he’d signed up as the voiceover guy for First Dates Australia on Channel 10 to help with his own dating life. 

‘I’ve been a big fan of the show since back to the UK version and I’m hoping that somehow if I do the voice of it that I’ll get more access to the people who have been rejected on the show and I can find love myself,’ he quipped. Tommy, who is based in Melbourne, revealed he quit dating altogether during the Covid-19 lockdowns, saying he just ‘shut up shop’.


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