The government officials told on Tuesday that the two Indian nationalists were been imprisoned for crossing the border of India whereby entering Pakistan’s border, WAGAH BORDER. This act made them suffer in the prison for 8 years.

In 2013, Sharma Rajput and Ram Buhadar crossed the Line of Control (LOC) from Kashmir. Therefore were arrested by the Pakistan Militants. Later, it was told that they were mentally challenged, apparently crossed the border advertently.

Such cases of 19 people who have been arrested by the Pakistan militants from different parts of countries have come into knowledge. The charges put over them is of crossing the border or spying. They all have been kept in different jails, A source informed.

Therefore their detention has been put up till the decision is being made. the decision will be made after the investigation of their reports. The Interior Ministry will state whether they would be set free or should face trials.


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