The Who reveals the picture of the fake Covidshield Covid-19 vaccine. Fakeshield! would cause serious global health and in addition, there is the emergence of huge risk to the Mayamanyar population.

The Myanmar population has been alerted about the fake vaccination by the Food and Drug Administration about the so-called vaccine where WHO has stated by saying that it’s a topmost priority to detect the fake vaccines and remove all the falsified products and bring knowledge of the right products to the public.

A source who mentioned revealing his details told that the government said that is taking steps to prevent the smuggling and sale of fake vaccines and pills.
Not only the vaccines but also th

e smuggling of fake pills s been taken place in Myanmar online! said the director of the Irrawaddy.
“The ministries of international cooperation and health have checked with diplomats of the countries. Now, they testing vaccines about how to start the vaccination ASAP.

Where If a vaccine is a successful one and also, determined by WHO about its use. Only then it could be used in public. Their safety is the foremost priority,” Daw Aung San Suu Kyi told the public.


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