World’s tallest athlete, Morteza who is 33-year-old is the second tallest man alive features at Paralympics and writes history as the second tallest athlete in the Paralympics.

Morteza Mehrzad whose height is 8 feet 1 inch in the Tokoyo Paralympics and is representing Iran’s sitting volleyball team.

Morteza, at a young age, was diagnosed with acromegaly. A type of disease in which there is an abnormal growth of hands feet, face and also there is overproduction of hormones by the Pituitary gland. By the age of 16, he was already over 1.9m tall.

He even after sitting down, when raises his right arm, he reaches a height of 1.93m where is his maximum effort for a block.

Where God gifted him with this disease, he proved it to be of great use as Morteza helped Iran reach till semi-finals after winning the pool match.


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