A street is flooded following a torrential rain in Kurume, Fukuoka prefecture on July 7, 2020. - Around 50 people were feared dead after heavy rain lashed areas of western Japan from early July 4, causing rivers to burst their banks and flood low-lying regions. (Photo by STR / JIJI PRESS / AFP) / Japan OUT

Approximately two million people have been urged to seek shelter due to heavy rain. A high alert warning at cities like Hiroshima and Fukuoka has been raised.

Due to this, one woman died and her husband and her daughter are missing due to a landslide in Nagasaki. Hundreds of troops, policemen and firefighters have been on duty day night to help the needy, where they are working to find the missing people in mudslides as the heavy rain continues, said a “local official “an AFP news agency.

The western part of the country has been affected in the worst condition where heavy downpours are to expected across the country in recent days.

The current rainfall is “unprecedented” Yushi Adachi, from Japan’s meteorological agency mentioned. Therefore, It’s highly likely that some kind of disaster has already occurred,” he said.

The local channels came up with pictures of the going on rain which tend to be terrific. They showed submerged roads. The livers located in the cities like Saga and Fukuoka are overflowing and the river level is continuously rising.

Also, we have come across a 76 years old man who was trying to rescue his boat,at the surging river is likely to be missing, therefore An official in Kumamoto from southwestern Japan are trying to search for the old man.

Flood in Japan has become reasons for dozens of death. This tends to be a heartbreaking and terrific incident. Thirteen people are still missing where 800 people are rescued so far, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary told reporters.

However, evacuation camps are running, but with less strength due to the risk of coronavirus, with fire department official Toshihiko Nakamura told that the Kyodo News agency had sent some to another centre, to social distancing rules, where many people are seen to take shelter in their cars due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic


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