Dave Bautista

MGM studios is reportedly nearing winning an auction for Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista’s untitled buddy cop film. Back on August 19, Bautista kicked off the thought for the film in a tweet that outlined himself and Momoa in a “Lethal Weapon type buddy cop movie.” The actor even ventured to such an extreme as to connect director David Leitch to the hypothetical task. Despite the fact that Bautista was simply “throwing it out into the atmosphere,” he concluded the mock pitch with, “Now we wait.”

Deadline reports that MGM is near securing a deal for Momoa and Bautista’s buddy cop film. The team reportedly went “all over town” this week pitching the thought, which opened up a bidding battle between movie studios. The actors’ pitch requires a buddy cop satire like Deadly Weapon, where the couple would play brothers and film in Hawaii. Bautista himself took to Twitter, retweeting the report of MGM’s expected deal and giving an amusing reaction to the uplifting news. Check out his tweet underneath:

Despite the fact that Bautista approached Leitch to coordinate the film in his original pitch on Twitter, the undertaking as of now has no director connected to it. Nonetheless, the couple was ready to catch Jonathan Tropper to compose the script. Both Momoa and Bautista know Tropper from See, the Apple TV+ show series, which sees the two actors facing off against each other, mano a mano. The untitled film fills in as an original story from Momoa, Bautista, and Tropper. The studio will foster the movie, which is ideally set to shoot in 2023 after the two actors finish work on their separate establishments.

Both Momoa and Bautista hold a ton of star power in Hollywood, owing to their fruitful establishments. Momoa is as of now bustling filming the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom spin-off, while Bautista prepares for Gatekeepers of the Universe Vol. 3. Additionally, the two actors as of late featured in the profoundly expected Hill, despite the fact that they didn’t share any scenes together. Nonetheless, the two actors share an undeniable science that is likely to decipher well on the big screen. Therefore, it’s no wonder that movie studios were clamoring to win the action for their upcoming buddy cop movie.


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