In new interview with Eternals screenwriters Kaz and Ryan Firpo, uncovered that Kang the Conquerer was once in talks to show up in the film. Eternals showed up in theaters on Nov. fifth, and marks the third cinematic installment in the MCU’s Stage 4. It follows a gathering of amazing heavenly beings as they go head to head against one of Earth’s greatest dangers; the Freaks. In addition to directing the film, Chloé Zhao likewise co-composed Eternals along with the Firpos and Patrick Burleigh.

Surprisingly, Zuras and Valkan weren’t the only characters who didn’t make it into the final script. While speaking on The Playlist Digital broadcast, the Firpos uncovered that Kang was considered to show up in Eternals in early versions of the script. Ryan confessed to being “really fascinated” by the person after his shocking introduction in Loki, and figured bringing Kang into Eternals could pertain to the movie’s s overarching themes of interminability. At last, Kaz and Ryan consented to control away from the thought, choosing to zero in on the story’s main antagonists. Ryan’s full statement can be perused beneath:

“I would say that I was introduced to Kang through my examination into the Eternals, and I was truly fascinated by him and clearly, [Michael] Waldron and Loki have rejuvenated him in a truly exciting manner. He was additionally someone where I was like, ‘This could be cool.’ Particularly on the grounds that we’re dealing with eternality. There were even versions in the pitch where we were thinking that Kang might have reached out and kind of wrecked the Eternals timeline a smidgen. However at that point, you know, we kinda directed away from that. He was someone I was truly fascinated by.”

An Eternals spin-off could occur at Wonder, with Kaz and Ryan previously teasing the addition of famous comic book characters like Galactus. There’s a long approach until Eternals 2 comes around, however it’ll be interesting to check whether any of the Eternals will make an appearance in upcoming MCU projects before then. Concerning Kang, fans are hoping to see him before Subterranean insect Man and the Wasp: Quantumania debuts in 2023. Either way, Kang is on track to turn into Marvel\’s next Thanos-level danger, and it\’s only a question of time before he makes his next on-screen appearance.


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