Eternals stars Kit Harington, Gemma Chan, and Harry Styles join for an adorable behind the scenes picture. The MCU’s most recent cinematic effort showed up in theaters last weekend and shook up the establishment in a significant manner, both onscreen and off. Chloé Zhao’s epic introduced the Eternals, a gathering of astronomical beings who were shipped off Earth millennia prior to shield mankind from the Freaks. Their powers hold some significant implications for the remainder of the universe, accordingly hinting at some significant changes ahead. Simultaneously, Eternals has become one of the most disruptive passages in the whole MCU with blended surveys from fans and pundits.

Since Eternals has been delivered, individuals from the cast are allowed to impart their behind the scenes pictures to the world. Chan, who plays surprising group pioneer Sersi, posted a large number of BTS pics via web-based media, including one of her with Styles and Harington. It’s a sweet picture that appears to indicate they all had loads of fun working together. Check it out down beneath, along with the remainder of Chan’s post.

In the final cut of Eternals, Styles only factored into the post-credits scene, however he shot another, longer scene with the cast. It isn’t exactly clear if that scene included Chan and Harington, or then again if the above picture was simply them being goofy on set. Nevertheless, it’s certain that Eternals is only the beginning of Styles’ MCU venture, and many are eager to perceive what his job as Eros, aka Starfox, will end up being. He may even wind up appropriately sharing the screen with Chan and Harington sometime since it appears to be likely they will both return also.

The present moment, the question is where will they return. An Eternals spin-off hasn’t been officially greenlit at this time, however in light of the advancements of the movie’s end, there will undoubtedly be some sort of follow-up sometime in the future. Beyond Eternals 2, there are consistently other MCU projects where the characters could turn up in. Harington’s Dane, specifically, could make an appearance in the forthcoming Edge. For now, everything is speculation, however ideally Wonder will uncover something soon.


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