The 38-year-old singer recently proposed to bodybuilder and personal trainer Amelia Tank after three years of dating but admitted it didn’t go as smoothly as he had hoped. He told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “I did get down on one knee the only slightly embarrassing issue was she had to help me up after my recent knee operation.

“But it was the right time, it was perfect. Everything about me and Amelia is perfect so it was really just a question of how can we make it even better?” And, he admitted that picking out the ring was easy thanks to some prior help from Amelia.

“Fortunately she said yes all the same, we couldn’t be happier.” Olly also revealed he is hoping to tie the knot with his fiancee next summer. He said: ““We want to get married next summer. That is tricky because we got engaged in June so only have a year to figure it out. He said: “It was an expensive thing to do. I’ve never owned jewellery in my life.

“I screenshot it, remembered it and luckily I found it in the end. Since then we have never spoken about it, it is weird. “But I always said to Amelia that the only thing I ask is that I propose to you. I know what Amelia is like. She is quite impulsive. She would have just proposed to me otherwise.

“But it wasn’t about the money. I wanted her to have the ring she wanted, well the ring I think she wanted, and I got it right thank God . but she did make it easier. “Something must have come up on her Instagram feed and she said, ‘This is the ring. I will show you this once and once only.’ It was one evening, we were watching ‘Bake Off’ and now it is the biggest moment of my life.

“We were on a clifftop down on the south coast, loads of relatives were there, her brother took some pictures, and I dropped to one knee. “It is lucky I didn’t start rolling as she wouldn’t have been able to catch me.”


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