Philip K. Dick

Hollywood veteran Francis Lawrence, director of three Hunger Games movies, is presently set to adjust one a novel from unbelievable sci-fi creator Philip K. Dick for the big screen. Along with the three Hunger Games movies, Lawrence has recently adjusted other sci-fi works of art, including Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend. The director is as of now working on Slumberland, which will deliver on Netflix in 2022, and will follow it up with a prequel to the Hunger Games series dependent on Suzanne Moore’s The Melody of Songbirds and Snakes.

Presently, THR reports that Lawrence is joining forces with New Republic Pictures for a movie adaption of Dick’s novel, “Vulcan’s Hammer.” Lawrence has likewise endorsed on to deliver the film alongside Cameron MacConomy, who runs the about: blank production organization with Lawrence. Brian Oliver and Bradley Fischer, who work New Republic Pictures, will likewise fill in as makers on the upcoming adaptation.

A large number of Dick’s books involved complicated, unique, and often prescient thoughts which make them ready for adaptation. “Vulcan’s Hammer” is one of Dick’s lesser known works, and was delivered in 1960 not long before the creator started to get more extensive attention. The occasions of the clever take place in a future where Earth is controlled by a single Government run by computer based intelligence following a third universal conflict. With Lawrence’s bustling timetable, nothing has been confirmed with regards to the production of the film or its casting, filming, or delivery date, other than that Dick’s girl Isa Dick Hackett will work as a maker on the film.


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