Nintendo and Tag Heuer are collaborating to launch a Super Mario-themed watch

Nintendo and Tag Heuer

During the past year, we have seen several unusual collaborations between big names for launching their products. This year Nintendo and Tag Heuer have joined this list. Nintendo, which is popularly known for making toys has decided to join hands with a renowned luxury watch giant Tag Heuer. The collaboration between the two companies is one of a kind till date.

Nintendo and Tag Heuer are collaborating to launch a new and fresh watch which will feature a Super Mario theme as per a teaser posted by both the companies on Twitter last week. If you desire to lay your hands on the watch, simply visit the Tag Heuer website and sign up to gain early access to the limited edition watch which will be launched in a few days. Though Tag Heuer mentioned in its tweet that the watch will be released on July 13th, the countdown clock placed on the website states that the watch will be launched on July 15th at 10AM ET. Since the watch will be limited edition, getting it will be fairly difficult. So, get on your phones/desktops and go to the site to sign up and pre-order it.

Tag Heuer is yet to mention details regarding the pricing of the limited edition Super Mario-themed watch but we can surely expect it to be a premium one. It will be really interesting to see how Nintendo pulls off with the theme on the watch. Curiosity is definitely at its peak owing to such a rare Collab between two completely different companies.


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