The picture of an elderly man hospitalized in Bangkok, Thailand is going viral. It is being claimed about them that their age is 163 years. So let’s know what is the truth behind . 

 Weird news and anecdotes are being heard on social media platforms in the world. Some can be believed, but some are unbelievable. One such clip is going viral on social media, seeing which the users are stunned. It has become difficult for them to guess whether this is true or just a joke. 

Users have calculated the age

According to the news published in the Daily Star, in this video viral on the social media platform Tiktok, elders who look like a monk are seen. He is admitted to a hospital in Thailand. He looks very weak and sick. In such a situation, users started estimating about their age.

The claimed age of the elderly is 163 years

After viewing the clip, some people claimed that he is 163 years old and practices a self-mummification technique popular among Japanese Buddhist monks. Viral pictures of these elderly monks have attracted a lot of people in the internet. This video was shot by his granddaughter and shared on her Tiktok account @ Auyary13. After seeing this, the monk’s granddaughter Ayuri got 5,30,000 followers. She keeps on giving updates about her grandfather daily.

Fact checker revealed age is 109 years

After the video went viral on the internet, people started trying to find out the truth of his age. The rumors that surfaced on Tiktok about the 163-year-old monk are actually not true. According to fact checker Snopes, the elderly man in the clip is not 163 years old. His name is Luang Fo Yai and he is 109 years old. Also, the monk-like elders in the video do not practice the self-mummification technique known as ‘sokushinbutsu’.

The first video was shared in November last year

The first video of these elderly people was shared in the Tiktok account in November 2021, in which they were shown at home. However, he was brought to Dan Khun Thot Hospital in Thailand after breaking his hip in January 2022, after which the clip of the elderly went viral and was seen by millions of users. In the recently shared video, it is seen that his health is improving. He is able to eat, exercise and travel with family.

many people made fun of

After his clip went viral, many people also made fun of his age. On this Auri said that he is 109 years old and he is not a corpse. Learn to respect them. If you don’t like this video then don’t comment like this.

Sokushinbutsu is a rare practice in Japan.

Sokushinbutsu is a rare practice among Buddhist monks in Japan. In this monks enter mummification. Whereas, many of these still survive by practicing self-discipline. This exercise involves a strict diet. After dying on earth, the monks try to expel their bodies from the inside out, ridding themselves of fat, muscle and moisture before being buried in a pine box.

The elderly are not following the custom

However, there is no evidence that Luang Fo Yai, seen in the video, practices this self-mummification technique. There is no mention of this practice on Auri’s Tiktok account, so it is only a rumor spread by some users after the clip went viral.

A French woman was the oldest to live

Currently the oldest person in the world is a Japanese woman named Ken Tanaka. She is 119 years old and according to Guinness World Records, lives in a nursing home in Fukuoka, Japan. At the same time, the oldest person is 112-year-old Juan Vicente Perez Mora of Venezuela. The longest living person ever was Jean-Louis Calment from Arles, France. He was born in 1875. She lived to the age of 122 years and 164 days before she died in 1997.


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