The NGO is asking on the govt to ban peat being employed in compost, as a part of efforts to undertake and limit global climate change.

It is one in all quite a dozen international organisations soliciting for a switch to property alternatives.

Peat bogs are a carbon sink – that means they absorb carbon dioxide emissions that exacerbate warming.

The UK government has already aforesaid it intends to ban the sale of peat compost to the general public in England by 2024.

But in a very joint statement on peat, the NGO and also the National Trust for Scotland – additionally as similar teams together with from eire, Korea and Dutch East Indies – urged the govt to “act now” and ban the sale of peat product in gardening entirely.

They created the decision to coincide with the COP26 climate summit negotiations.

Peat is that the surface layer of soil, created up primarily of part decomposed material that has developed in wet and low gas conditions. it’s full of nutrients ideal for plant growth and is commonly utilized in compost, additionally as harvested and burned as fuel.
Research shows peatland traps nearly doubly the maximum amount carbon as forests, despite covering simply three-d of the surface.

But peat bogs that are drained, mammary gland up for fuel or utilized in compost have the other impact and contributes to carbon emissions.

The National Trust aforesaid healthy peatlands additionally facilitate to manage flooding and encourage vegetation which will offer homes for life.

The organisation, that is one in all the most important landowners in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, aforesaid it had been taking action to eliminate the utilization of vegetable matter in its gardens and provide chains.

National Trust director general Hilary McGrady aforesaid the international organisations were “all taking action” to eliminate the utilization of peat, however other “we cannot finish this apply alone”.

She referred to as on members to “make a positive selection for climate and for nature” and obtain peat-free compost to use in their gardens, additionally as check whether or not plants they obtain are peat free.

Ms McGrady said: “It is thru this type of collective effort that we will unite within the fight against global climate change.


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