Several people have been taken hostage by a gunman who entered an Apple Store in Amsterdam with the intention of robbing. Some of them have managed to escape. Police are present on the spot, but are refusing to divulge more.

 A gunman has taken people hostage at an Apple Store located in Downtown Square in Amsterdam, Netherlands. There is also news of some hostages escaping from his custody. Police refused to divulge more about this. It only said that a gunman was allegedly seen at an Apple Store on Tuesday, following which officers surrounded the scene. 

Police evacuated the square

The Amsterdam Police Department said in a statement on Twitter, ‘A young man with a gun was reported in the shop, police are on the spot with several units to bring the situation under control’. The police have vacated the square and appealed to the rest of the people not to come out.

pictures going viral

In the pictures going viral on social media, a man is shown holding an unarmed man at gunpoint. According to local media, several eyewitnesses heard gunshots inside the Apple Store. However, it is not yet completely clear how many people were inside the store. The police had received information about the robbery on the basis of weapons.

The company kept silent

Police say that in view of the sensitivity of the matter, not much information can be given about this right now. At the same time, the company is also keeping silent on this incident. Apple spokespersons are neither answering calls nor responding to emails.

Input: Reuters


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