America has started action against Russia. US President Joe Biden said that sanctions have been imposed on two of Russia’s big financial institutions. Apart from this, financial aid to Russia from Western countries will also be stopped.

 Tensions have increased over the Russian move to recognize the two provinces of eastern Ukraine as separate countries. All the countries and organizations of the world including America have come out against Russia. Strict action has also started against Moscow. US President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that the US is ordering tough financial sanctions against Russian banks and oligarchs.

‘If not improved, then more restrictions’

Joe Biden said that Moscow has openly violated international law in the case of Ukraine. He further said that none of us will be fooled by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claims regarding Ukraine. President Biden also made it clear that more sanctions would be imposed if Putin took any further action.

financial aid will be banned

Biden said that we are implementing sanctions on two of Russia’s biggest financial institutions, VEB and Military Bank. Apart from this, financial aid to Russia from Western countries will also be stopped. The US President said that we are continuously assessing the situation. If Russia does not desist from its antics, then further strict action will be taken.

US sending additional forces

Biden said that the US is sending additional forces to protect NATO Baltic allies in view of increasing Russia’s presence in the east. Let us tell you that in the midst of a war-like situation with Ukraine, Russia has recognized Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine as separate countries. This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address to the nation.

Russia is looking for the pretext of war

This move of Russia is being criticized everywhere. Britain has called it a violation of international law and an attack on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Similarly, Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas has also condemned the Russian decision, calling it a violation of Ukraine’s integrity. The Prime Minister of Estonia has said that Russia is looking for excuses for war by closing diplomatic doors.


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