Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a big announcement. Strict restrictions were imposed on 5 Russian banks and 3 very rich people of this country.

: Britain on Tuesday took 5 Russian banks and 3 very rich people of this country over the aggressive action against Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Strict restrictions should be imposed on. Prime Minister Boris Johnson told parliament that this is the “first line” of retaliatory measures against the entry of Russian troops into two separatist areas of Ukraine.

What were the restrictions?

Britain has 3 billionaires belonging to Russia, apart from Rosia, IS Bank, General Bank, Promsvyaz Bank and Black Sea Bank. – Gennady Timchenko, Boris Rotenberg and Igor Rotenberg have been banned.┬áThese three billionaires have been included in the US Sanctions List for the last several years due to their closeness to putni.

Johnson’s statement

Johnson told Parliament, ‘This is the first line of counter measures, the first obstacle that we are ready to implement. If the situation worsens further, then we will increase the restrictions rapidly. We should strengthen ourselves for the long crisis. Britain will deal with this challenge together with its allies. With the strong intention that we will not allow Putin to distort the nature of our continent. 

Preparations to capture rebel areas of Ukraine 

Russia on Tuesday prepared to capture Ukraine’s Rebel Areas with a new bill that would allow it to deploy troops there. Russia has introduced these new bills a day after President Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of separatist regions in Eastern Ukraine.


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