Dubai is full of adventures where one of the most adventuring sport tends to Water sports. Therefore a must try every traveller must experience if makes a visit.

Listed below are the top five best water adventure sport activities in Dubai!


While adventuring kayaking in Dubai, the best place among every is SeaYou. The water over there is as clear as the crystal and is on the magnificent coast of Dubai. Kayaking is one of the most cherishing and works as a cherry on the vacation’s diary.


The most awaited waterboarding, the path to it is to head first towards Sea Riders to gain the ultimate experience of the Wakeboarding experience.


Not a worry! for the starters, once done with the beginner’s lesson you are good to go for the Flyboard water adventure. The hydro water adventure day is a day saviours providing you with an amazing and fun experience.


With sky and sea adventures, one must surely go Jet Skiing with their family and friends and have the best taste of adventures. Renting the Jet Ski and spending some time under the sky with your loved ones would be the best-packed activity who are looking for both adventurous and calm vacations.


Make experience with more than 6,5000 marine animals in Ambassador’s Lagoon. For it dives into the depths of the gem which is located in the Lost Chambers at Atlantis.


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