As Cyclone Shaheen approached the coast of Oman on Sunday, bringing high  winds and rain to the sultanate, a child was killed in floodwaters while another person went missing. Flights have already been stopped across Oman, which is located on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula.

Neighbouring United Arab Emirates  has also alerted residents on its eastern reaches to be prepared for the storm.

A public holiday was declared in Oman on Sunday and Monday, while the UAE went on high alert.Authorities have ordered people in the coastal areas to evacuate their homes. More than 2,700 people were put up in emergency shelters.

According to the weather forecast by India Meteorological Department , the cyclone would make landfall in Oman from the Arabian Sea around Sunday night. Along with it, the cyclone would pack wind gusts up to 110 kph  on approaching Muscat, the sultanate’s capital.

Flights to and from the capital city of Muscat have been delayed or cancelled ahead of the landfall, which is expected to bring very high winds and heavy rainfall.

“Authorities are on high alert to deal with the upcoming situation, and take all proactive and preventive measures to mitigate its impact,” a spokesperson was quoted as saying by Bloomberg at a media briefing.

However, the storm is expected to weaken sharply after landfall.Roads would remain open only to emergency vehicles and those on humanitarian journeys until the storm dies down, authorities said.

 Oman’s national emergency committee said the power supply would be cut in al-Qurm, located east of Muscat, to avoid untoward incidents.



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